Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We. Have. Set. A. Date.

Okay, a date has been set! We are getting married on July 7, 2012. I'm really excited about this because my parents were married on July 8, 1972. AND my mom and I are making my dress out of her dress, that she made almost 40 years ago to the day. I think that's a really cool piece of history to have at a wedding. :-)

So, about this dress. I don't want to give too much away...but I'll tell you a bit about it. It's going to be a strapless, sweetheart neckline, short dress. My mom's original dress was covered in lace and we are keeping a lot of the lace. We only bought extra material for the bodice of the dress. And the lining is all original, we had to take it in a teensy bit but then we just cut it to the shorter length and hemmed it. I'm so excited to see how it turns out. I think it's going to be beautiful!

I'm going home this weekend, so I'm going to try and get a couple wedding pictures from my parents wedding so I can show you what the original dress looked like. It's going to be a complete transformation, I think you'll be surprised.

So mark your calendars for July 7, 2012! It's the big day and it's 310 days away!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

decisions, decisions: reception food

Ok, we've talked engagement story, colors, and tiny bit of decor. Now it's time to talk food. Honestly, this whole food thing scares me a little bit. Two reasons really: 1. Not sure how many people will end up on the guest list so no clue how many mouths to feed. 2. I have no idea what kind of food I want on the menu. Two positive things I know are: 1. I do want it to be buffet style. 2. I know I want to have a local smoothie place set up a smoothie bar! (how fantastic would that be??!)

I have seen some pretty amazing wedding reception food ideas on pinterest though. so for the sake of inspiration here are some some that caught my eye.

personal favorite: food truck wedding! What? so cute.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

paper lantern addiction.

Confession: I am so addicted to paper lanterns...must have!

They look so magical! I definitely want to incorporate this into the decor...I was looking for some crafting supplies in Hobby Lobby the other day and someone had left a package of yellow paper lanterns laying in the scrapbook aisle...3 for 4.99. I'm not really sure if that's as cheap as I want or not. But seeing them made me really excited :-). They also had mini ones! How cute right?? They were like 15.00 for 10 though...eek. I don't think they're 15.00 cute.

Just some thoughts. I have to get them out on the blog so I can get it out of my system and focus on other things So glad I'll be done in December!!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

color scheme: GRAY and YELLOW

First official wedding decision: color scheme gray and yellow.

I'm so excited! I'm shooting for gray dresses and yellow shoes and gray tuxes. I've got my eye on some cute pics that kind of capture my vision.

Source: via Krystle on Pinterest

Source: via Krystle on Pinterest

Super excited!! I got my rings resized Monday and just picked them up. They fit perfectly and I found an amazing local jeweler...after I was treated horribly by another. Ugh I really don't appreciate snobs, but thanks to the ones I encountered I found a really great business. Who I will definitely be using in the future!

Much love,


Sooooo...Friday, July 29, 2011 was a huge day in the life and times of yours truly! Josh proposed to me! It was sweet and romantic and low key. Apparently he had some elaborate plans that didn't work out and I am super happy because I love that it was private :-). I was sitting in his room with my back turned to him and when I turned around - there he was arms outstretched - ring in hand. And he said "Krystle, will you marry me?" to which I replied "Are you serious?!" and once we established that he was serious I, of course, said yes. :-) my ring is beautiful. It is currently being resized by an amazing jeweler and I can't wait to get it back and show it off.
So yay!! I will be posting lots of fun exciting wedding planning posts now!
And by the way I have never been so happy/excited in my life! :-) can't stop smiling.