Thursday, September 22, 2011

Progress Report :-)

Okay, so I posted a few weeks ago about the brooch bouquet and we have made a lot of progress!

We have acquired several brooches! Thanks to everyone who has purchased, or donated brooches to the cause! I am so grateful :-). Mo has officially started wiring them. They look awesome! I think we will probably end up painting some of them...but they already look awesome together so the paint is a minor detail.

*sneak peek*

Here are a few of them together. And this is not even all of them. :-) So excited!

I'm looking into invitations right now. Josh and I already have a pretty awesome idea for save the dates that will be pretty cheap, which is a good thing - because our preliminary guest list is a little bit HUGE. 

Here are a few that I think are super cute:

These are super cute quirky!

...We know how I feel about vinyl.

Obsessed with Hot Air balloons...

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

LOVE this cinema style invite!

That's all for now. Official countdown: 288 days

much love,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

confession time: flowers

I have a confession to make: I don't really like flowers. Maybe that's the wrong way to put it...because I don't dislike them either. How about I have a confession to make: I'm indifferent to flowers.

I probably can't even name 10 different kinds of flowers, that's how little I know about them. And now I'm getting married and it's like in the top 5 questions that people keep asking me. The truth is, I just don't know. I've been looking around at bouquets, and weighing some more untraditional options (big surprise, right)

I looked at some of these felt flower bouquets. I think they're cute and crafty, but not really the style I'm going for in my wedding.

Source: via Lyndi on Pinterest

Then I looked at newspaper flower bouquets...which is a bit closer to what I'm thinking. I am definitely a fan...not completely sold on it though.

Just so you guys don't think I'm crazy...I did look at fresh flower bouquets as well.

But, what really caught my eye...weeks ago actually were brooch bouquets. This was confirmed when my future mother-in-law suggested it the other day. She even offered to help make it! She's amazing...and I'm super excited! She even purchased the first brooch the other day! :-)...I'm pretty excited about it because it will be a sweet keepsake from the big day...and it will look awesome in pictures!

Source: via Debra on Pinterest
Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Now, before any of you leave thinking I'm just trying to be untraditional for the sake of being untraditional...Here are a couple reasons I am going for this brooch bouquet.
1. It will last forever. Flowers are dead as soon as you pick them.
2. We will possibly (if we can locate it) be using some old family jewelry, which would just add to the cool history in this wedding.
3. It looks so cool! (am I right?)
4. I will be the only one with this kind of bouquet. My bridesmaids will have real flowers and the groomsmen will have real flower boutonnieres. We will probably make a fake bouquet for tossing - haven't worked the details out that far yet...but I don't want to give someone a concussion by throwing a bunch of enamel brooches into a crowd.

My style choices may not be typical...but I am more than fine with that. I'm so excited!! But every decision is one that I will be proud of in 50 years when I'm looking back at the wedding pictures :-).

P.S. Mandy found this recently...It's becoming my mantra haha

Source: via Mandy on Pinterest


Friday, September 2, 2011

Down to business: bridesmaid dresses.

JUST FOR THE RECORD: I absolutely am going to be wearing my mom's dress on my big day. Our remodel of her original dress is practically completed. I will not be putting any pictures of it up on the blog...because I want it to be a surprise. Very few people will know what it looks like before the wedding. BUT just so you know, the dress remodel is excited with me! :-)

Now down to business. Let's talk bridesmaid dresses. I've already mentioned that I want to have gray dresses and yellow shoes/accessories. Here is my dilemma: should I make them all wear the same dress? Or three different dresses from one collection? Or just give them all a swatch of fabric and let them pick one out for themselves? I do not know what to do!

I know what I like, but honestly I want them to like their dresses too!

I've been scouring sites like,, and here are some finds that I am partial to. (Oh p.s. and btw they are all under $80)

Source: None via Krystle on Pinterest

I think these three kind of look cohesive together. The top right and bottom one are actually from the same seller on Etsy.

I actually really like this one! I think there are endless possibilities for accessorizing it!

I also like this one, it's a bit less formal but I think it's cute.

I would love to show you some accessory ideas...but I really need to make a dress decision first :-p

I'm going to submit these to my lovely bridesmaids and see what they think...very soon.

much love,