Thursday, September 22, 2011

Progress Report :-)

Okay, so I posted a few weeks ago about the brooch bouquet and we have made a lot of progress!

We have acquired several brooches! Thanks to everyone who has purchased, or donated brooches to the cause! I am so grateful :-). Mo has officially started wiring them. They look awesome! I think we will probably end up painting some of them...but they already look awesome together so the paint is a minor detail.

*sneak peek*

Here are a few of them together. And this is not even all of them. :-) So excited!

I'm looking into invitations right now. Josh and I already have a pretty awesome idea for save the dates that will be pretty cheap, which is a good thing - because our preliminary guest list is a little bit HUGE. 

Here are a few that I think are super cute:

These are super cute quirky!

...We know how I feel about vinyl.

Obsessed with Hot Air balloons...

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

LOVE this cinema style invite!

That's all for now. Official countdown: 288 days

much love,

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  1. Love the vinyl and the cinema style!!!!! All are cute but those are my favorites!